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Valued by the company's Thailand Phone Number List employees, as well as job seekers. Therefore, a company that pursues an active employee development policy, showing that it focuses on the long-term commitment of employees to the company, is competitive in the fight for the best potential employees . By contrast, Thailand Phone Number List companies without active talent management are particularly vulnerable to the risk of losing their best and most talented employees. Invest in talent furthermore, all demographic indicators predict

A contraction of labor market resources. In Thailand Phone Number List most types of economic activities, success depends on the quality of management personnel . Looking only from the point of view of costs, it is Thailand Phone Number List sometimes cheaper to hire a  and plan their development in terms of the skills that the company needs in the future, than to search the external Thailand Phone Number List market. This principle obviously does not deprive the possibility of outsourcing (for example, when we want to attract people with specialized knowledge, knowledge of new technologies or when we want to enter a new market). The company's strategy always looks to the future. Therefore, competency

Management helps to carry out personnel Thailand Phone Number List processes in a way that meets the needs of the present, but also to anticipate the future needs of the company . Understanding the term "Talent" a talented employee has a special impact on the growth of the company's value and has above-average potential for further Thailand Phone Number List development as well as for senior management positions. Objectives of a talent program increase the efficiency of company operations now and in the future. Retention


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